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Andrew Cox

Welcome to my home page. My life's great passion is programming, primarily in relation to 3d graphics and games, and that's what most of the stuff here is about.

What's Here
Cavernosa A volumetric sculpture tool which allows the creation of 3d models in a clay-like solid medium, from which a traditional surface representation is implicitly generated.
PyGLUT A Python binding for GLUT.
X-lite A BSP-based system for interactive 3D graphics on small devices.
Viroid 3D heightfield fly-over demo.
Conway's Life A GBA implementation with source. Try the demo running on a Java emulator right in your browser.
Also here, a guide to the huge Graphics Programming Black Book by Michael Abrash and some links for GBA 3D coders.
Hierarchical State Machines A Java implementation of the kind of hierarchical state machine described in the book Practical Statecharts in C/C++, Quantum Programming for Embedded Systems, by Miro Samek, Ph.D.
Misc Code
OpenGL Back Buffer Uses OpenGL to do a hardware accelerated, window filling stretch blit of a software framebuffer.

How to Reach Me

Email is your best bet: [email protected].

Copyright Andrew H. Cox. All rights reserved.
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